Friday, April 3, 2015

Movie: Wild Tales

Wild Tales: a film from Argentina that received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign film.  It is the most-viewed locally produced film in Argentina.  The praise Wild Tales has received is well deserved and the film is a delight despite some violent scenes.  The movie consists of six short stories, each dealing with vengeance.  While most of the stories have a tragic ending, they are each told with humor.  The closing story, “Til Death Do Us Part”, is hilarious and like no wedding dinner you have ever seen.  The interaction that occurs when the bride discovers her husband had an affair with a female co-worker whose been invited to the wedding dinner – this alone makes the film worth seeing.  Unfortunately, the opening story, “Pasternak”, is a variation on the recent Germanwings tragedy.  There is, however, an important distinction between “Pasternak” and the real event which you will recognize as the story unfolds.  After “Pasternak” is an episode in a diner.  You will immediately like the waitress and despise the customer whose retort to the waitress’ inquiry about whether he is dining alone is to compliment her mathematical skills.  The diner scene is followed by “Road to Hell” which elevates road rage to an entirely new level.  Episode four is “Bombita” which opens with a car being towed.  “The Deal” involves lawyers and is the only story lacking a wicked comic kick.  The six stories comprising this 114 minute film vary in length, each with a different cast.  I am not familiar with any of the actors.  This masterpiece is written and directed by Damien Szifron.  It is in Spanish with very readable subtitles; the comedic scenes often do not need subtitles.  I highly recommend this movie.